Exclusive Interview With Jamaican International Marcus Bean

Marcus Bean Kneeling With His Team

Growing up, every professional footballer played some kind of amateur level and at Bluefields we’re all about amateur sport. So we’ve decided to take a look at the Sunday League experiences of some professional footballers and what impact participating in amateur football had on their career progression. Today, Theo catches up with Colchester United and [...]

4 Ways To Keep Your Team Engaged

Stay Organized With Bluefields

All of us have been there. Our team starts out strong showing up to every game, but halfway through the season we barely have enough people showing up to even play. What are you supposed to do as a team organizer? You’ve already picked the best time that fits everyone’s schedule. You’ve reminded your players [...]

The Importance of Organizing Sports Leagues in Urban Areas

Importance Of Organized Sports Leagues In Urban Areas

Imagine this. You’re 14 years’ old. You live in the heart of a busy city. Soccer is your passion. Every day you tune in to watch it either on TV, YouTube or if you’re lucky enough – live at the local stadium.  You play on the street but your neighbor gets pissed when the ball [...]